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A range of subscription plans to cover all your cats needs

caring team of highly trained cat loving veterinary professionals

The first and only ISFM Gold
Cat-only Vets in the area

Cat hate the car? We can come to you in our electric vehicle

Creating a happier world, one cat at a time

We are the first to integrate the benefits of a fully equipped ISFM Gold accredited Cat-only Vet practice, with a mobile home visiting service. Providing cat parents with a personal, independent and cat-friendly alternative to eliminate the stress of taking your cat to the vet.

Run by our small team of cat-loving vets, nurses and support staff lead by Dr Tamsin Kenny, feline vet and cat mum to 10 purrbabies, we are dedicated to allowing your cat to live their best life!

With our mobile service we can come to you – reducing our carbon pawprint in our electric car, or if your cat requires dental work, 24hr hospitilisation, surgery or advanced imaging then you (or us) can bring your cat to our conveniently located clinic in Biggleswade (on the A1).

So you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are doing the best for your cat and your bit for the planet too.

We can’t wait to meet you and your significantly fluffy other!

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  • Expert Veterinary care provided by and for cat parents

  • Does your cat hate the car? We can come to you!

  • 10% of our profits donated to charity

  • Environmentally conscious clinic

  • “This is not like any ordinary vets of nowadays. This Vets actually really care about your loved one's and not in it just to bleed you of your money as other vets do. Can't recommend these enough, friendly & professional. Will be recommending to others. A real breath of fresh air to finally find a vets that do what they should do and that is, actually care..”


    “Best cat clinic in the Bedfordshire area. Tamsin is always happy to help! With my cat being nervous, the mobile service was perfect. Everything was done from the comfort of my home ensuring my cat was happy . Could not recommend her enough. With so many different plans to choose from, you will definitely find one fit for your cat.”


    “A really warm welcome and friendly staff, the love of cats is visible and puts me at ease that mine are in great hands. My two recently got neutered and it was a really smooth process. Traveling to my home for future appointments is an amazing bonus. If you’re debating being with them, don’t! Highly recommend”


    “These ladies treated my kitten with her operation - they are very knowledgeable and kind. They took great care of Theadora before, during and after! I highly recommend them.”


    “This place is amazing! They have gone above & beyond for my boy gadget! It's not expensive, it's really friendly & welcoming & a 24/7 what's app for general enquiries which has bought me so much peace of mind! This is truly a gem for our town!”


    “Tamsin was very lovely and welcoming. She made my cat feel very calm and relaxed. She’s got loads of knowledge that she made sure we understood so that we know what’s best for our cats. Definitely worth going if you need someone there to always care for your cat's needs!”