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+ View pricing without a plan

⦿ Vet consultation £48

⦿ Annual health check + booster vaccination £55

⦿ Primary Kitten Vaccination course £85

⦿ Microchip £20 (half price on plan)

⦿ Home visit vet £40 (max 20mins/ 10miles from Biggleswade) + consult

⦿ Home visit nurse £30

⦿ Neutering: Castrate £80, Spay £99 (or by donation for low income under 25k households)

⦿ Dental exam, scale and polish (incl all anaesthesia, meds + follow up costs) £299 (10% discount if on plan)

⦿ Dental 3D xray advanced imaging +£250

⦿ Dental extractions +£60 per tooth (capped at 5 teeth per dental)

⦿ Comprehensive blood test at external lab £150

⦿ In house basic blood test £95

⦿ Emergency/ OOH Vet Consult £200 (overnight/weekends/bank hols) (£50 discount if on plan)

⦿ Peaceful euthanasia at your home: £150

We are passionate about offering excellent preventative care to cats and in depth stress-free support to cat parents all at an affordable price, which is why we have created an innovative range of subscription plans to choose from when you register with us. A monthly or annual plan that gives you reassurance that your cat’s health will be completely taken care of.

In addition we recommend getting insurance for your cat – there are many out there that can cater to everybody’s needs and the key is to find one that covers for life. Insurance covers the unexpected accidents or illnesses. Our membership can cover everything else that an insurance company won’t cover – home visit charges, health checks + vaccines, prescription charges for online medications, worming treatment and more. Our memberships split the costs into a manageable monthly fee and when combined with a good pet insurance means you can avoid any unexpected big vet bill and budget the exact amount you need each month to care for your cat - which is less stress for everyone involved.

On our plans we will also provide you phone/ text support and video consultations free of charge, just as peace of mind if you are worried but don’t necessarily think you need a visit. Don’t worry – we’ll tell you if we think you do! We're also creating our app to connect our cat loving community where we can share pictures or our fur babies as well as access informative videos on cat health and behaviour. We feel that by getting to know you and your cat in this regular way we will build up a much better picture of what is “normal” so that we can be quick to act when we think something isn’t quite right, and hopefully save you time, worry AND money in the long run.

Once your cat is 8 years old (a senior Kitizen – although still very much in the best years of their lives), it is also advisable to have a blood, urine and blood pressure check at least once a year – we hope that we won’t find anything untoward, but as cats are masters of disguise it is useful to identify these early indicators of disease before they get worse. We have a great senior plan - OAPawsome, that covers this either to your home or at our clinic.

As we like to do things differently and go the extra mile, we are the only clinic (we are aware of) to offer unlimited vet treatment on one of our plans - including dentistry and surgery. Dental disease affects over 70% of cats and is often overlooked and undertreated causing significant pain, stress and increased risk of other diseases. Good dental treatment can easily reach up to and over £1000 and is rarely covered by pet insurance. Dr Tamsin, our founding vet, having suffered dental issues herself, feels strongly that no cat should have to suffer tooth ache in silence so we have chosen to make this an extremely affordable option for our clients.